Thursday, 16 October 2014

It's a Boy!

A quick update to introduce you all to our brand new son - Arturo Peter Anton Righart; born on his due date and weighing a healthy 7lbs 15oz.

Words cannot describe how much one little boy has enriched our lives; we are totally and utterly besotted with him.

Blogging will be taking a back seat whilst we get to know one another, but I am still keeping active on my instagram and facebook if you want to pop by to say hello!


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Dear Bumpy...

Dear Bumpy,

We’ve come a long way together, you and I. From a teeny tiny blastocyst just a few hundred cells large, you are now a fully grown baby waiting to take your very first breath in the world and your Dad and I really can’t wait to meet you.

I feel sad in a way, that soon you will no longer be solely mine.  I am going to have to share you with everybody who has patiently been waiting for cuddles with you, and rightly so; there are a lot of people who are going to love you.

But for now, you remain just mine. I am going to enjoy every last squirm, wriggle and kick you share with me and treasure the short amount of time we have just the two of us as I may never experience being pregnant again, and even if I do, I will never be pregnant with you again, my tiny passenger.

It is nine days until your official due date but you could come any day now. I am impatient to meet you but apprehensive about the pain to bring you into the world that will surely come. There are lots of decisions and choices we have had to make; we’ve been to classes, we’ve written a birthing plan, we’ve gone over and over how we’d like you to arrive, but what it actually comes down to is this: I will do absolutely anything to get you into my arms safely, whatever it takes, you are now and forever my main priority in this world.

I have no idea how and when labour will begin. I’m pretty much housebound with the weight of you. My dark circles are becoming darker; I am becoming wider by the day (and can barely fit into the bath which I know you love); my fingers, toes and knees hurt and I am an emotional wreck (I burst into tears watching this and this). Despite all these unattractive symptoms, your Daddy looks at me and I can tell that he loves me more than ever; he rubs my back and brings me cups of tea; he talks and sings to you and gives you kisses. He loves you too.

So now it is almost time to part company, but you will rely on me in a whole different way and I promise I will be here for you, always.

Thank you for the most incredible experience of my life - we’ll see you very soon………


Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Push Presents


Another crazy American tradition to hit the UK, in addition to baby showers and gender reveal parties, are Push Presents. A Push Present is a (usually expensive) gift that new Daddy gives to new Mummy as a thank you for erm, pushing their baby out, I presume. I suppose it is also a nice way for Daddy to show his appreciation for all the horrible pregnancy symptoms Mummy has been through over the last nine months.

If I’m honest, I find the whole thing totally weird and peculiar. Wanting to be ‘rewarded’ for giving birth to your little bundle of joy and happiness? Isn’t the actual little bundle of joy and happiness rewarding enough? The greatest gift your man can give to you begins the day you find out you are expecting and that is love, support and reassurance accumulating in a amazing supportive partner holding your hand and watching as your new baby finally arrives safely in the world.

Even if I wanted the Hubby to buy me an expensive “thank you” present, in our case it would be a little problematic. Having a joint account, every penny we have is shared equally, and I would know exactly how much my pressie would cost, which would make me go ballistic as we are now on a very tight budget with me being on mat leave! In order to make it fair I would then want to go and buy him a ‘Daddy Present’ in return! It would just all be a bit ridiculous. 

Definitely not for me.


Since I’m a little bit bored on mat leave, and just in case Hubby has a secret stash of money and reads this blog post,  I’ve come up with this little wishlist….

1. Steak £60
I’ve bloody missed steak whilst being tubbed up. If I can’t have it medium rare then I aint eating it. And I havent. For a whole 9 months. The steak pictured in the photo is from San Carlo and it is in Gordo’s Top 12 steaks in Manchester.

2. Vivienne Westwood Frilly Snake Bag £235
A bag by my favourite designer? Yes please.

3. Vivienne Westwood Gold Orb earrings £45
And whilst we are there, I’d like some Orb earrings. Thank you please.

4. A Night in the Macdonald £410
Pete treated me to a night here whilst we were dating so the hotel will always have a special place in my heart. I’d love a night in the Feature Suite and a full days pampering in the Spa.

What do you think of my Push Present selection?

Looking at the list it all seems a bit ironic; 1 and 4 would be impossible as it would mean leaving Baby, and 2 and 3 would be a bit silly getting dressed up to potter around the house covered in Baby sick.

However, the list could easily be changed to a 30th Birthday wishlist (nudge, nudge, wink, wink…..)

Sunday, 21 September 2014

37 weeks Pregnant // Bump Update

We’re full term! Baby could make an appearance any day now!

How far along? 37+3

Total weight gain/loss? I’ve put on around 3 stone in total. Apart from the usual baby weight I’ve got a hell of a lot of extra fat all over due to my daily chocolate habbit!

Maternity clothes? I have grown out of nearly everything now! I’ve been wearing Pete’s polo shirts with leggings and I’ve also had to wear beach kiminos! No point spending money on anything at this late stage.

Stretch marks? Not yet. I feel very lucky as belly is humongous now!

Sleep? Pah, what’s that? Cramps, toilet trips and sensitive to any noise makes a good nights sleep near impossible. I plan to have afternoon naps now I’m on mat leave.

Best moment this fortnight? Reaching the 37 weeks full term milestone has been amazing. We did it Baby!

Miss anything? I miss being able to just sit ion the couch comfortably. After about five minutes of watching tv I have to drape myself over my exercise ball on the floor and I really miss snuggling up to the Hubby under a blanket watching a film. I just end up going to bed on my own about 9pm every evening now.

Movement? Baby moves constantly but seems to kick less as they are struggling for room now.

Food cravings? It’s still the toothpaste and mint gum I’m afraid!

Anything making you queasy or sick? No! I have a big appetite at the moment.

Labour Signs?  Every little twinge makes me go “uh oh!” but I think I’ll know when it’s really happening. The worst cramps are still during the night and can be quite painful.

Current Symptoms? A blocked nose that just won’t shift, swelling in my fingers and feet, painful knee joints, breathlessness and mild dizziness when lying down. I feel 80 years old and morbidly obese.

Belly button in or out? I have an outey.

Wedding rings on or off? No chance of any jewelry on my fat swollen fingers.

Happy or moody most of the time? I’m incredibly excited of course! I have been very emotional over the last few days and feel really clingy towards Pete like I need constant cuddles and I keep bursting into tears when I watch cute facebook videos!

Looking forward to? Feeling a mothers love for the very first time.

This could be my very last bump update – how scary is that!? If Baby decides to stay put I shall be back for a quick update at 40 weeks.

Wish me luck………

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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Dream Hospital Bag Wishlist // Cath Kidston

A hospital bag for labour and birth that is so pretty, vintage and twee!

I was having a nosey on the Cath Kidston website, as you do, and it dawned on me that you can pretty much get everything you need for your labour bag in one place.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to risk these beautiful items becoming irreversibly stained, but if you have the money, and the desire for a pretty and vintage labour, birth and hospital stay, check out my wishlist!

vintage hospital bag labour birth cath kidston


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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Maternity Photos

A maternity photo shoot in Manchester

I am really excited to be able to share with you the results from our maternity photo-shoot. I previously blogged about choosing our photographer – Photography by Carina, and showed you some of her fabulous work.

I was very happy with the whole process. Carina is not only a lovely person who made us feel at ease straight away, she is highly professional and put 100% of her effort into making sure we got exactly what we wanted out of our shoot.

Previous to the shoot, Carina and I met for a consultation (drink in Didsbury) to discuss everything from where we wanted the shoot to take place, to the kind of pictures we were after. Carina clearly explained her style of photography and showed me more examples of her work. She had also asked me to make a Pinterst board of any pictures I found on the internet that appealed to me. It was very clear we were on the same wavelength and so we arranged a suitable time and date for the shoot to take place.

Pete and I decided to have the shoot at our house as we are lucky enough to have a large garden, newly decorated front room, and of course, a super cute nursery.

Anyway, enough from me, have a look at the results……

What do you think of the results?