Friday, 27 December 2013

Collyre Bleu Review

Collyre Bleu eye drops have received rave reviews all over the web so I put them to the test!

“Ever wondered how celebs and film stars seem to have such wonderfully bright, appealing eyes? Collyre Bleu eye drops are the latest phenomenon in the USA - now available in the UK.”

Collyre Bleu eye drops are available to purchase online from JD Harris, who provide a range of innovative health, beauty and fitness products – my kind of shop then!

For £19.95 you receive 10 monodoses, or ampoules, as I like to call them. You simply administer the drops as you would any other eye drops, and if you have any remaining liquid leftover you can replace the cap and reuse within 12 hours.

Natural ingredients:
·    Cornflower extract - astringent and mosturiser to reduce any redness in the eye.
·    Chamomile extract - calming, soothing and refreshing.
·    Hyaluronan - has a hydrating action on the eye.
·    Held in sterile saline solution

You do not have to have blue eyes to use Collyre Bleu.
Collyre Bleu will not make your eyes blue.
Collyre Blue can be used with contact lenses.

So do Collyre Bleu eye drops work?


I suffer with dry eyes and can report that these drops really had a lovely hydrating effect.

Bright and Sparkly

I definitely noticed a difference straight after administering the drops. My eyes looked very sparkly and I was impressed with the result.

Reduce Redness

I had a little bit of redness in both eyes before I used the drops and I was disappointed that I didn’t notice any improvement in redness.


I’m enjoying using the eye drops. To treat my dry-eyes every morning, I will continue to use my cheap hypermellose drops, but I will definitely use Collyre Bleu eye drops for special occasions to add a bit more sparkle.

A Discount for You

Use code BLUTU to get £10 off a box of Collyre Bleu - Originally £19.95 so you can get your hands on some in time for the party season. Valid until 28 February 2014.

Whilst we are on the subject of eyes, I wanted to share with you this image of Sharbat Gula, the Afghan woman who was living as a refugee during the time of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. She was the cover girl for National Geographic (Steve McCurry) and is thought to have the most beautiful eyes in the world.


Product received for review purposes. No monetary compensation was received and all views are entirely my own.


  1. nice review! i need to start using products like this. eye gets so dry and red easily nowadays :X shame that this didnt reduce redness


  2. I really don't like products going into my eyes, so this would totally freak me out!


    1. Haha Jessica, I used to be the same, but you quickly get used to it !


  3. Wow they sound great, I don't often use eye drops but these little vials would be perfect for me as I spend a fortune on a bottle and then don't use them before they go out of date! x

    Keeley x

    1. Exactly ! I think they would work out cheaper in the long run, especially for sporadic users like yourself .



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