Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Birthday Steak

Review of great pubs the Whitehouse, on Blackstone Edge, Littleborough and The Old Bell Inn in Saddleworth

Having my birthday so close to Christmas means I really have to milk it. And boy, did I!

The celebrations started on the Wednesday night with a trip to my all-time favourite pub – the Whitehouse, on Blackstone Edge, Littleborough. The best thing about this place, in addition to the spectacular views of the Pennines, chilled out vibes, real log fire, and good old ale is: the food! The portions are hearty, comforting, and bloody good value. We always end up indulging in a massive rib-eye, so I tried to be virtuous and opt for a colossal salad instead of chips. Pete didn’t.

I got a wee bit tipsy on the Christmas cider, and it was so nice to kick off my birthday with my husband and Dad (although I did get a bit left out of the conversation when they got onto worm holes and time travel).

The next day Pete took me out for my birthday proper and we headed over to my other favourite pub – The Old Bell in Saddleworth. This is a more upmarket pub / restaurant and the food is exquisite. They have recently undergone a modern makeover in the main restaurant, but I preferred the traditional d├ęcor. We couldn’t resist the fillet steaks and chips, which I have to say, are up there with the best steaks I’ve had.  Pudding was white chocolate brulee with raspberry sorbet and a side of Baileys Milkshake. We also shared a sticky toffee pudding with gingerbread ice-cream. I have no words to describe how amazing the food was.

The next evening was my Works do. It was held at the Palace Hotel, Manchester, and was a grand old affair.

For the grand finale, Saturday night was girls only, and we hit the wine bars of Littleborough. I even stayed out until last orders which is pretty unusual for me. I didn’t turn into a pumpkin but I looked rather rotund after all that alcohol and STEAK!

I got some lovely gifts which I promise to blog about, so watch this space!



  1. Great photos! Hope you had a lovely birthday :)

    Much love,
    Jennifer x


  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday, it looks like you did :)



  3. *Sings* Happy birthday to you, to you!
    The Whitehouse sounds like my favorite kind of pub, so cozy. OMG that white chocolate brulee with raspberry sauce looks amazing! I've never heard of any one drinking 'christmas' cider before ;0)

  4. Aww looks like you have an amazing time! I love the Palace Hotel for events :D


  5. Looks like a fun birthday! Belated birthday wishes to you :)

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  6. Belated birthday wishes! It looks like you had a fab time xx

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