Monday, 9 June 2014

Booking In // First Hospital Appointment

A strange but amazing feeling washed over me when I opened my first NHS letter from the hospital in which I would give birth. It was an invitation for my “booking in” appointment. Since I’d calculated I was around 8 weeks pregnant, I assumed that I would also have my scan at the first appointment too.

I didn’t.

This appointment was simply a marathon question and answer session with my midwife who determined my medical health history from birth until the present day.

Some questions were extremely personal; any infections? Any previous pregnancies? Any surgery? Any embarrassing illnesses? (OK so I made the last one up) If you don’t want your partner to know the in’s and out’s of a cats backside, perhaps let them sit out of this particular appointment. Luckily (?) Pete knows all the in’s and out’s of this cats backside (did I really just write that?) and I don’t have any secrets from him; he gets given all the gory details of any health issues I have whether he wants to know or not. In fact, he actually came in quite useful when the excitement / nerves caused me to go blank at one or two questions.

Some questions just seemed bizarre to me, such as “Any European Grandparents?”

Why yes, as it happens. Pete’s half Dutch and I am quarter Polish. Both Grandmothers are Ginger (but we won’t hold that against them). A bit of a mixed bag.

I know I’m making out it’s a bit of a tedious session, but it’s nowhere near as bad as the preceding questionnaire before you donate blood (Ever paid somebody money in return for sex?) and actually, I got to ask lots of my own questions and my lovely midwife really put my mind at ease.

We had to decide what screening tests we wanted if any, and we decided we wanted all the scans available and the extra test for Downs Syndrome.

There were zero examinations down below, but I had to have several vials of blood taken.

It was only a few days later that I received my appointment for the 12 week scan and got to see our baby for the very first time!


  1. Oh such a beautiful journey:) wishing you a smooth journey and may your baby be born healthy, keeping you healthy too :) I still remember my first appointment, I was doing a pedicure at home and they called to see whether I was coming or not and I got too excited and left everything to go and see the nurse at the clinic thinking they might want to make sure I was pregnant by listening to the baby's heartbeat but nothing of the sort happened and like you I was bombarded by loads of questions by a very tired nurse (poor dear) :P and my hubby was not at home and when the poor lady wanted to take blood, I got really scared and nothing would come out and she poked me 4 times on the arms and hands ughhh frustrating and scary for me as I had a phobia of blood ( now I don't though) and we still didn't know we were having twins :P oh and I don't think they examine you down below until week 36 or 39....good luck with your beautiful journey hun x

  2. Time is flying by really quickly for you and the baby will be here in no time. I'm really enjoying your honest and refreshing posts as I've said before Pregnancy scares me more than you know. I have never been preganant but now that I'm 32 I wonder / worry about having a baby and worry that I just really get on with it. I have such a fear around having a baby that is not healthy sp I'm enjoying your honest posts - about the whole process from start to finish. I've lots of friends who have children but no one tells you what happens or what to do etc!


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